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seme VS uke

This is just priceless... I'm out... enough internet for 1 day... *face palms*
25th-Oct-2012 02:26 pm - Christmas cards
fujimi orchestra cute
Hi everyone!!

I've been lurking around a bit the past month or so.. been secretly reading all kinds of dirty fics while in class. still need to figure out how to comment while on my phone though...

anyway, just have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fics, seriously they make my boring classes so much better. Even though it sometimes gets hard to stop myself from blushing like a maniac ^^;

but I wanted to ask if any of you wanted to do a christmas card exchange with me this year. I forgot last year because everything was hectic but I love getting christmas cards and I love making them as well!

So if you're interested send me a message!!

27th-Aug-2012 01:37 pm(no subject)
`long time no see people!!!

Yeah I'm back for a bit just too let you know I have not forgotten about you but I just started falling into the trap called Twitter... that is seriously addicting XD

So if you want to follow me on twitter where I post my insanity, my username is StarAWings over there as well...

Be aware though that I am insane and addicted to Kpop XP I'll try and start reading my LJ friendspage again..... no promisses though

18th-Mar-2011 11:40 am - PLEASE HELP JAPAN!!
Gilbo awesome

I know I'm not very active on here, But Still...

Anyway I wanted to ask you guys to take some time and think about Japan. There are so many people who lost everything in the earthquake and the following Tsunami. Please think of them and donate to your local red cross or other charity. Many of us on LJ are anime and manga fans, which are all created in Japan by Japanese artists.

You can help in so many ways, you don't even have to give money. Think about it you can hold a charity event like a bake sale, a talent show to raise money or sell your old stuff and donate the money you get for them.

Donate your old clothes to a charity, these poor people lost everything.

So Please DOnate to help Japan. I already donated 5 euro's, which may seem little but everything helps. If we work together we can help so much. Please think of those that lost their homes, their friends and loved ones, what if you were in their place? What would you do?

Thank you.

12th-Mar-2011 08:35 am - AWESOME EPICNESS!!

This is insane!! How can one not want to go to Seoul to see this guy in action!! I wanne see him do this!! I wanna stand tehre with stuff on my head and have him throw a boomarang at me and knock it off from my head!!

*like a little kid at christmas* SO cool!!! This has to be on WIN! (http://wins.failblog.org/) I'm gonna submit it!
19th-Dec-2010 09:47 pm - Christmas
gay husband

Did any of you get my card yet? IF any of you did, did you like them? were they pretty?

Anyway, This is my Countdown for christmas!!  


6th-Dec-2010 02:03 pm - HEAR YE, HEAR YE!!
gay husband


Seriously Don't ask...

anyway, Because Teh dutch postal services are crap and are gonna be on strike for teh next three days I just want to make a last call for everyone who wants a card!

So Far I've got

- Sayuri2023
- Vash_9986
- Winchesterxgirl
- Randrews25 (I have your address from Last year. It's still the same right?)
- Angel0399
- Obsessiongirl ( I need yo address!) 

Are there anyome people who want one? La_Femme_Dee? sakura_fubuki_x? Silke_chan? Anyone, I got a shitload of cards I made....
So PM me your address!

Oh and If you haven't got my adress Tell me, I'll PM you.

Well I just looked through My comments and Messages,
I also have the addresses of Boukun_Rashiku, Pugpugsley, Xenodyke and Sasheenka
If any of you want cards PM me! 

27th-Nov-2010 12:41 am - Please vote!
fujimi orchestra cute
Please support my beloved Super Junior, they had a really tough year with everything going on and they really deserve the golden disk award!

Please just go to this website,
and vote for Super Junior's Bonamana (no. 10 in the right hand collum)

Their music helped me fight my depression, Now I want to fight for them and help them win. So please vote for them..... It means the world to me.

21st-Nov-2010 12:34 am - It's the season to be jolly!
seme VS uke

Since it is almost christmas I would like to see if there are anymore people who want a home made christmas card?

Just PM me or Leave me a comment!
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13th-Nov-2010 08:39 am - Please watch, it'll explain a lot

Right now I'm waiting for the vet to call... can't sleep.... GODDAMN IT!! AGh this is so frustrating, Why does this always happen to me!!
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