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Live Life to the Fullest, You never know when its going to end
damnant quod non intelligunt
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29th-Sep-2010 04:32 pm(no subject)
seme VS uke
Hello peoples!!

School started again a few weeks ago and I started my intership last monday! I really like my TP, I hated my pervious one but I think I found a good place this time around! I also have wensdays and thursday's off! YAY!

Anyway, two weeks ago I was looking around in a store when I stumbled upon something... CHRISTMAS STUFF, Baubles, cards, guilandes you name it all sorts of things! SO I got to thinking, I have two days a week off and I feel quite creative... What if I make my own christmas cards this year! So here is my question, Whom of you would want a handmade christmas card from me?

leave me a comment and I'll PM you about your address later on!

Love Astra
29th-Jul-2010 04:48 pm - MONIES!!
JR ducky

Your Tenipuri life~ by zmallet
Your best friendHorio
Your schoolYamabuki
You sleep inEchizen's room
You are this rich$586,250
You played I-DARE-YOU and..Lost
They dared you (even if you lost) to kiss...Atobe
Did you agreeYes!
Their reaction?They kissed YOU.
Did it turn out well?Yes you had kids

Atobe is like super rich and We even had kids! YAY!! I don't care if horio was my best friend or not, I"M MARRIED TO ATOBE!!

and look what I found after searching for like forever! IT IS BACKSTAGE FROGS!! *squeals in happy fangirly bliss*

Watch Frogs on screen in Entertainment  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com


I did another tenipuri test and once again i will end up married to Atobe!

Your TeniPuri Life <333 by mizu
What's your name?
What Sign are you?
Favourite Color?
Favourite Number?
Favourite Food
Your boyfriend will be:Atobe Keigo - The Handsome Boy
You first met at:Fudomine
Who is Jelious of you two:Kawamura Takashi
Relationship:He showers you in gifts
You will:Have a family
How much you are in love:

I'm just destined to be rich!
23rd-Jul-2010 07:39 pm(no subject)
Oh Joy, my mum just came to talk to me and you know, she keeps deniying it but in teh end, I GOT THE FUCKING BLAME!
It's always like this, she didn't even notice teh fact that I had tried to cut up my arms again! the scratched running down both my forarms were just Ignored...

See, I don't even know why I keep going, I just know that when my dad gets home and my mum tells him about me, I get blamed even more! I knew life was fucked up but this is just getting to be too much, even for me....

I just want to end it all, I just want it to be over and done with... I just wish I could find a place where I could be myself, where I can just relax and be my self instead of thsi fucking mask I wear all the time....

I just wish I had a place where I could feel like I belonged.....
23rd-Jul-2010 06:10 pm(no subject)
I'm so sick of all of it.... Why do I keep going on.... They keep destroying everything I work so hard for.... I've worked 5 jobs at times just to save up some money and they just let him steal it from me time and time again.... Everything I work so hard for... They just let him destroy it all.I've been working part time sincer I was fucking TWELF! You aren't even legally allowed to have a job until your thirteen! I've been working my arse off for nearly 9 years now and they just let him destory everything!

and now? when I stand up for myself, when I put a padlock on my bike so he can't steal it.. HE fucking threatens to kill me with a screwdriver, and than again later with some other kind of tool... I'm so tired of it all... and than When I flee and ask for help, MY other brother blames me and yells in my ear, when I tell him to back off he just diggs his nails in my arm further... My entire upper arm is blue!

I'm just so tired of it all... Why do I keep going On like this, I just want to end it all....to get this over with, to stop this pain...
F*ck You Dark lord voldemort
Okay I'm no big football fan myself, I did follow the most of the matches because my brother was watching them and I do know the rules.
Also every Championship I decide to support different teams than those of my own country, this year I had Japan, South Korea and Switzerland. But as the Dutch team got closer to teh finals I was happy, I really enjoyed teh game against Brazil although I wanted to kill some of their players....

Well anyway, I really did not care who won the finals I was fine either way but I can't help but say that Spain did not deserve this win. The referee Howard Webb did a horrible job in this match. I counted a number of atleast 8 fouls which would have gotten a yellow or even a red card with some referees made by just Spanish players, which he left unawarded.
If you read my twitter post about when I heard we had to face the Spanish in teh finals, I immediatly said we were going to get an unfair match. And Lo and behold IT CAME TRUE!

I'm not saying the Dutch are innocent, noyt at all! Most of the yellow cards I'm fine with, they did make mistakes, But what bothers me is that Heitinga got a Yellow card when he pushed someone, yet not 2 minutes later this Spanish dude makes an even worse fould an dhe just gets off without even slap on the wrist. and During the last 15 minutes, Two spanish players grabbed Elia and pushed him back (sort of like a sandwich thingie it looked like) and that also is just forgotten about.

AND than the goal, I'm sorry but No, That player was offside... It was even clear for me to see. He was offside before got the ball or it was passed to him. That is foul.

Like I said in my twitter post, the Second in command from the FIFA was partial towards Spain and they get a referee who is partial towards them and they become champions. '

To me this wasn't a world championship tournament, I've been complaining since the beginning about the referees and them being partial... and thsi final was just it's crowing jewel, A jewel of unfair football.
7th-Jul-2010 10:57 pm - Guess who's back?

well it's summer! YAY!! so no school, just a part time job.... so you know what that means right? MORE TIME FOR LJ!!

I know I've been absent for way to long... I totally agree with you on that but hey school's important! XD

anyway, now that I'm back I'll try and catch up with all that I missed. IF there is something I need to know, PM me or whatever... anything you say I need to be aware of... no matter how silly it may seem!

Oh, Fabby how are the little rugrats of your brother? and Randrews, how's the writing? any good Kei fics for me to read? and Sakura, got me a new video? PLEASE MORE KEI!! (yes I am still obsessed with Kei, it will never end)

anyway I'm off and see if I can find me some good VF fics to read!

Lots of luv, Starawings AKA Astra
16th-May-2010 03:06 pm - Absense
ultimate seme
My dad had surgery last wensday, he had and addicent when he was sixteen and there was still some scar tissue left inside his body. Then around christmas it got infected or something and it started to hurt like hell, So my mum takes him to the doctors and he gives him meds to reduce the swelling and get ride of the infection.
These meds didn't work so we tried other meds, These didn't work either so teh doctor tell my dad their are going to remove it surgically. Anyway so last wensday he had surgery and the infected scar tissue got removed.
When he got home the same day, nothing was wrong with him but the next day he had a fever. I call Doc and he comes and looks at my dad but he can't tell us what it is because he does not know my dad's medical history. But he tells us to go and see our GP the following day because thursday was ascention day.
I took my dad to the GP and he just tell us to give him some asprin and such an dit'll be fine. Saterday morning my dad still had his fever and it had gotten even higher, so my mum calls the ER and they tell us to come over. My mum takes my dad there and apparently the wound had gotten an infection and was filled with puss. They tried to push it out like with a zit but that didn't work. SO he had to go back into surgery.
Well to say the least my dad had to stay the night. My mum called my dad this morning and he said he slept like crap... XD
Anyway, we are hoping that he'll be allowed to come home tonight but if they need to keep him longer that's fine as well, cause that way we can be sure everything will be okay.

My mum also had surgery a few weeks ago, on her hands so basicly i'm running the household right now so I'm busy like hell... I just wanted to make this post really quick so you'd guys know what was going on and why I'm hardly on LJ at the moment.... I MISS YOU PEOPLE!! *cries*

Well gonna go now, i need a shower and I need to finish homework and such. Oh but before I forget, I need something to relax, please tell me if there are any good fics I can read cause I'm going mental!!
11th-Apr-2010 07:29 pm - Voice of an Angel

just wow... I'm blow away...
If he got a different hairstyle and some more modern clothes he could be huge!! he is better then all of lollipop and choc7 put together!!
8th-Apr-2010 11:45 am - I NEED A LAYOUT!!
Hey people!!

Well, i'm working on something right now for school and I need some help. Can someone make me a banner with come cute anime picture?
You can use any picture from this album http://s270.photobucket.com/albums/jj119/StarAWings1/angels/ or any Prince of tennis picture. Hell you can use whatever you want, I just need a cool layout for an LJ.

Anyway, thanks to whomever will help me!! 

7th-Apr-2010 01:03 pm - School....
AGH!! I haven't been on Lj since last week... stupid school and it's stupid portfolio's....

anyway, has there been anything I've missed? did something important happen I should know about? Is my Kei o-kei???

PLEASE SHARE THE INFO!!! I'm a member of so many comm's I can barely keep up, I get around 200 new entries every day on my F-page.... can anyone tell me which fic's been updated?

Thanks to whom ever does that!! I'm really stressed right now.
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